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Friday, May 23, 2008

lets talk

life's cool now. well at least i think so, with exam's over, k maryam's getting married.. ooohhh i seriously cant wait for that very day to come, where she will wear the clothes, sits on the pelamin. i cant wait and im excited abt it. and i wanna b aunty, seriously! hahaha eventhough she doesnt like the idea of that, well what the hell, i wanna be an aunty.. weeeee.. so anyway, zarif and oyen are coming, my days will b awesome, i can tell, i cant wait :D lets see, what else i wanna say, ooohh its holiday n i can sleep for longer time n i can read all the books that i want n that doesnt include the text books, obviously. i wanna read the upper class, poseur and new moon.. i cant wait to sleep and not hving to worry abt hving exam on the other day, well since it wont. i wanna talk, i wanna talk, kn best if someone's on9 so i can merapu. haih, life can b very dull. well, my life is. because i nvr do anythng beyond wht im capable of. i wanna go beyond, i wanna go to the moon, i wanna fly, i wanna see people from above, i wanna dream, i wanna enjoy my life. well, future, just wait, i'll come to that point one day.. through it all, im just glad that i moved on from wht i had before. sab, ruffey, stwngsa, ruffey. im just glad that i made friends here, samir, herri, emir, don, ariff, naomi, fai, yi wei, airina, nazar, haziq, aisya, liyana, yin wei, wong seng, nigel, abg din and etc. thanx :D
im glad to know u guys, sgt bahagia. terimas
so my time has come, i wanna sleep. love ya!

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