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Monday, June 13, 2011

how safe are we to be living in Malaysia?

it has come to my concern about the extra activities going on the road and the public areas, where a growing number of assault is going on. this evening my sister saw the car in front of her being smashed by a motorcyclist in which her handbag was snatched in the middle of a traffic jam packed-full of people. tell me how can this happen? or in this case when my sister lost her handbag where she placed it in between my sisters in a well known boutique with numerous CC TVs? tell me how is this even possible considering the era we are living in, shouldn't we worry about everything else except for this? the crime rate is rising to the extent that it disturbs me to know that houses are being broken in not just through the rooftop, but also through the front door in a well secured housing area.

tell me that I'm wrong for thinking that all this is nonsense, tell me not to worry and get paranoid just by thinking about it.

i have a mother who is always driving alone, i have sisters who drive and even a little one who thinks the world is all safe and sound. i need to sustain safe environments for them but i cant do this alone. i need the politicians who had been working their ass up by making us believe that we are making the right decisions in choosing them to form a better life styles, and that's all. prove to us that all this is worth it, tell us that you can do better. tell us that you can protect us, you have your influences. i also need the men is blue to work arm in arm to fight against this. i mean, when you got yourself into that uniform it must have been for a reason. make it all worth it. its not just the sake of my family we are talking here. its for the sake of everyone.

it has become more obvious of how the crimes have made me more anxious and uneasy the moment someone went out from the house. it scares me.

i just hope that this matter will be brought into the hands of the authority. i want a safe life for all of us

Sunday, May 22, 2011

the result was better than i have expected. it is nothing as i have expected. it is beyond better. it was very unexpected. it made me cry, it made my parents smile. i have never thought that i could achieve it, after all the madness and dramas. im glad, to Him, to my parents & family, to my teachers and to my classmates.

i could feel the satisfaction in me to have fulfilled something that i have once tried to bail on. it is a lesson to learn. well im glad i have finished what i have started and i have achieved my aim, the aim that i have plastered on my wall the day it begun. im glad, to have been there done that.

no regrets, just love.

im really glad i have met those people, those with different perspective and influences. its funny that im actually missing them. well to be honest, throughout my life, i went on with life bringing less memories as possible about the past. this one right here is the one that keeps on coming back to me, i miss them. i miss all that happened.

parents are soo happy that my mom cooked nasi tomato for lunch on saturday, my dad gave us money to shop, us sisters and my cousins went for a nice frozen yogurt after dinner. everyone is soo happy that it makes me happy too, very less alone. went for lunch at the usual thai restaurant, bought some stuff, bought matyn a puzzle and had a nice one scooped of baskin robin. with all these nice food im served with, i dont think i could get back in shape. but i have to keep a positive mind, i can do it :)

life has been good.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

neon green

it's like being in a dream and despite the blinks of your eyes and the pinch on your skin, it still feels surreal. i couldn't believe that i made it through 365 days of madness in Malacca.

it was undoubtful that life was really hard back then, when i had to complain about the moss-full toilet or the unhygienic cafeteria to my mother everytime she calls. it had been long hours on the phone and 2 hours trips for every 2 weeks. my parents have made many big sacrifices for me, i am but an ungrateful child if i failed to see that. i am in debt to them, they never let me went astray when i was at my most rebellious age and they never forced me into anything other than for what makes me a better person. a thousand times i've let them down, but never once did they give up on me. im grateful to be brought up in this family.

how i hated that place, for what is worth i did manage to pull myself up to embrace it. to finish what i have started.

the days i've spent here, i've learnt a few things that make me a better person, that makes me see life with a wider view. i saw that there are actually people that has never seen the outside world to think outside the box. it's not wrong but i believe that at this age, we ought to be able to stand on our own feet. life mould us for the better, for what doesnt kill us makes us stronger. it is time for us people to get out from our comfort zone. we cant stay here for too long can we? besides that, i learn the truth about life. friends do come and go, sometimes they couldn't accept the changes that you have on you to stay put despite the times they told you that they always have your back. well things always change. it saddens me but it helps me build up the strength to let go and to not have my hopes up high.

well what do you know, there are always many hidden agendas meant for us in a single event. we just have to go through it and never look back.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

its over

Matriculation is finally over. I can't believe i just had my last paper this morning. It all feels soo strange.

Upon arriving at that place, all i wanted was to get it done. I didn't have anything to look forward to, i didn't have any purpose to be waking up every morning other than to get the days over with and to excel in my studies. See the strength i had to overcome the rough days was because of my friends. They made me strong enough to put aside the worries and to smile everyday. It was a nice one year of experience despite the place and the environment. I've never been in that kind of situation and having been there, done that, i think i can survive a much worse environment.
I'm glad i've made it through, i'm glad i didn't quit half way through, i'm glad to have seen a different side of life, i'm glad to have met different type of people, i'm glad to have learned so much, i'm glad to have experienced the life in a bording school.