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Monday, June 13, 2011

how safe are we to be living in Malaysia?

it has come to my concern about the extra activities going on the road and the public areas, where a growing number of assault is going on. this evening my sister saw the car in front of her being smashed by a motorcyclist in which her handbag was snatched in the middle of a traffic jam packed-full of people. tell me how can this happen? or in this case when my sister lost her handbag where she placed it in between my sisters in a well known boutique with numerous CC TVs? tell me how is this even possible considering the era we are living in, shouldn't we worry about everything else except for this? the crime rate is rising to the extent that it disturbs me to know that houses are being broken in not just through the rooftop, but also through the front door in a well secured housing area.

tell me that I'm wrong for thinking that all this is nonsense, tell me not to worry and get paranoid just by thinking about it.

i have a mother who is always driving alone, i have sisters who drive and even a little one who thinks the world is all safe and sound. i need to sustain safe environments for them but i cant do this alone. i need the politicians who had been working their ass up by making us believe that we are making the right decisions in choosing them to form a better life styles, and that's all. prove to us that all this is worth it, tell us that you can do better. tell us that you can protect us, you have your influences. i also need the men is blue to work arm in arm to fight against this. i mean, when you got yourself into that uniform it must have been for a reason. make it all worth it. its not just the sake of my family we are talking here. its for the sake of everyone.

it has become more obvious of how the crimes have made me more anxious and uneasy the moment someone went out from the house. it scares me.

i just hope that this matter will be brought into the hands of the authority. i want a safe life for all of us

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