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Sunday, May 22, 2011

the result was better than i have expected. it is nothing as i have expected. it is beyond better. it was very unexpected. it made me cry, it made my parents smile. i have never thought that i could achieve it, after all the madness and dramas. im glad, to Him, to my parents & family, to my teachers and to my classmates.

i could feel the satisfaction in me to have fulfilled something that i have once tried to bail on. it is a lesson to learn. well im glad i have finished what i have started and i have achieved my aim, the aim that i have plastered on my wall the day it begun. im glad, to have been there done that.

no regrets, just love.

im really glad i have met those people, those with different perspective and influences. its funny that im actually missing them. well to be honest, throughout my life, i went on with life bringing less memories as possible about the past. this one right here is the one that keeps on coming back to me, i miss them. i miss all that happened.

parents are soo happy that my mom cooked nasi tomato for lunch on saturday, my dad gave us money to shop, us sisters and my cousins went for a nice frozen yogurt after dinner. everyone is soo happy that it makes me happy too, very less alone. went for lunch at the usual thai restaurant, bought some stuff, bought matyn a puzzle and had a nice one scooped of baskin robin. with all these nice food im served with, i dont think i could get back in shape. but i have to keep a positive mind, i can do it :)

life has been good.

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muezz@blaz said...

nur,,,congratz ye dpat 4flat!!!