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Sunday, May 4, 2008


i just woke up n i am in a crappy mood. i slept while reading bio, shit, examexamexam! i need to do well this time, i wanna prove them wrong, i can do it. so anyway, when i woke up, a few things got me thinking, why am i here, taking all the blame, hv to make decisions, living like shit. it's not fair for me to b in the middle, to know that i hv to do it eventhough i dont want to. i dunno how to say it.

i just wanna achieve me dreams n go as far away from here. i hv no other intentions of being here, to feel the pain, to live in a lie. i hv my thoughts, i hv my determinations. n to people who tries to mismatch me, please, understand me. im here to make friends n yes, i even thought of smtg more, but now i dont want it. im happy just to be friends with u guys.

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