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Sunday, August 3, 2008

august 2nd

i spent the day at waira's house. study group as i would call it. well its not entirely true but at least it is true. we did addmaths n singalong. it was fun. nazar was hyper. ooohh shahriman n haziq came too. it was fun. haziq's moving school. sad, i know! he's always there for me, n i cant imagine going to school knowing that he wouldnt be there. who would teman me to bilik agama n teman me ponteng and teman me jumpe airina. i seriously cant imagine hving school without him. seriously. oh back to waira's place. we played snap. my hand hurts. so as theirs. but it was soo fun. n i declared myself as bad luck since i lose twice. thoroughly. sad, i know. hah!

then baba picked me up at 4 smtg. went to namaste to eat. the roti canai was soo freaking good. haha foodfoodfood. then after that we send k alia to shah alam. it was a dull journey but occupied with thoughts n oldies songs. when we arrived we hangout at the bench, talked and all. it was cool to be with k alia. havent meet her in 3 weeks. thats a lot of hours. oh did i tell u that aiman bought her iphone? iPHONE? freaking awesome i phone! i want it too. okay i take that back. i want a pda. if u tend to get me smtg, a pda would be good. take note. haha! we bid goodbye at 7 smtg.

arrived home at 8. had a blissful shower and dressed up for the party. went out at abt 9. meet the people. it was fun. seriously. to be socializing it was fun. had a cake fight, it was all over my face and neck. NECK indeed. samir started it. but it was fun samir. emir was cool too. yeah, we had fun. many people came, that i rmmbered was samir, emir, amir, don, herri, ariff razin, ariff azahari, man hong, aizat, eugene, aisar, aiman, noah, izra, fairuz, riri, naomi came at wee hour, so as her brother. but glad they made it. many other people came, i cant remember well but many people came im sure.

went back at 12 smtg. period.

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