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Sunday, August 31, 2008

dear sister

tears drop as the second ticks by.

i lose a trustworthy sister in a second. i feel like i do. she who used to be independent, who i used to look upon disappointed me greatly. what is it that i did wrong? i did my best to make u like me, as your sister. every time u look at me i can feel the burning desire of disgust in your eyes. i tried hard to ignore it, but i cant bare it any longer. it hurts me, it slices up my arteries into millions of pieces. we are departing my dear sis. i know it will somehow be. i need u dear sis, but i can feel the barrier that u built between us. i feel isolated. in the family, in the rushing of my red blood. im losing a sister here sis, im losing a sister.

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NAKL said...

oh hunn hope something great would come along and fix it
rindu u la