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Friday, September 19, 2008

tantalizing the idea

life's okay soo far. im glad nazar makes me happy and waira makes me laugh. they are one of a happy meal that makes me happy to the seventh heaven. gelak memanjang =)
and for my studies, well, what about it? its okayy, i cant really say its getting better. its okayy, moderate as i may say it.
and for my guys, i've let them all go. for the best of me as well as everyone else. they are nice, amazingly nice, trust me. but i have to let go eventually.
other than that, peoplepeople, if you have something against me tell me straight to my face and that is if you have balls! come on, tell me to my face, dont talk behind my back. im tired getting to know about it from people. so please, im ready for it.
other than that, i wanna live in a happy loving fun life now. i dont wanna care about what you have to say. im happy, why cant you be?

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