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Thursday, October 2, 2008


for the previous days, i shopped with dear mimi. it was tiring but cool since i wasnt fasting. i got to eat anw with matyn. hahaha. but shopping with mother was hard, there are always barrier.

then k alia came home. went shopping again. happy, cool, tiring n everything in between. duh. lina kate im dramatic. and this blog proved it all.

i woke up very early but baba had left us for sembahyang raya. it wasnt fair. okay fine, then i helped mimi to potong ketupat. i did it very well, cool. then waited for baba to get back. lame, n i was hungry. really hungry. then finally he got back. salam, cried. it was dramatic. every year's is. many people came, not really many laa. shamin n sha sha came. she was very pretty, seriously. oh i got duit raya from baba.

second day of raya

went to klcc, there were alot of fucking indons. its like a place of refugees. i was scared, macam pelik like indons-klcc-domination. then went to look for taxi, but fucking taxi drivers wont drive us to pavvy without demanding for alot of money. shitty people who are bringing bad reputation to malaysia. okay so we walked. it wasnt soo far, but yeah. i sweat alot. eugh. later on we went to forever 21. there wasnt much nice shirt. just some cool fedoras, seriously. then after we had enough walking around we met up with danial. he has changed. so, yeah. we went to sungei wang later on. not much thing either. wanted to but shoes but i kept on reminding myself that i didnt need it. im craving for more and baba never approve of such addiction. then we went back to pavvy, danial wanted to buy shoes kat zara. then me, k mrym, k alia, danial went to ampang for karaoke. it was emo, but fun. i was thinking about ruffey the whole time. i miss him. badly. and i know it myself better than anyone else that it was my mistake in the first place. to let go of smtg so precious. okay stop it. i dont want to talk more about it. then we went back. that's about the whole of it.

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