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Thursday, February 19, 2009


today is a long dayy. theyre having bu4 idol today, so me and waira planned to skip kawad (sorry ketua n assistant). we managed at first, then got called back by airina. theyre doing formation today but 10 people went mia. so yeah, we just kawad. then we went to watch the bu4 idol. i adore suhailla's voice, she sang 'thinking of you' by katy perry which i think mostly everyone knows. she sang soo beautifully that it jolted pure current of excitement (drama-to-the-tic). oh oh, there were other good singers like nicola and soon yi, joel, and nazar. they are very good at singing that im not even kidding you. and so and so, went home.

i went to waira's place later on to find nazar n waira still in their pj clothes. aiyooo, i know. later on we went to esso or was it mobil. we bought drinks n some tit bits. on the way there, we camwhored since the lighting was soo nice and the environment was merely calm that it makes us high. lol. we toook alot of pics but they are with nazar, i'll put some once i get them :D
till then, wishing the green the best of best, GO GREEN!

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