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Thursday, May 14, 2009

a chunk of guts

there are a few things you should not do in life.

1. you should not be topless / shoeless / pantiless when going out

2. you should not pant when arriving late for class because it will sound very wrong

3. you should not snore in the cinema just because you didnt sleep the night before

4. your should not snort at the front of your shirt

see there are alot of slacks in life that can affect your confidence, diverging your tension to unlike feelings. making you feel deluded. then at night when you sit with your thoughts arousing before you, you feel the regrettion, you feel like forcing the time to rewind itself, you feel the outcome depression of your heart, forcing immaculate hot tears to fall.

these are not as bad as losing the people that you care and you thought will be there forever. in this life i have disappointed many people, making them walk and never turn back that even myself deflect my courage for doing so. it is now too late to cry over spilled milk, to take back what i have said, what i have decided.

so here i am to say, if you have someone, never let him go for something you thought is there. because once he walks away, you will never know when he will come back or if he ever will.

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