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Friday, June 26, 2009

absolute aims

it has been awhile since i last post.

school has been kindda fun, i think i like it there. and proudly saying, i didnt feel like skipping school. not even once. anyhow, im trying to get myself to like chemistry and addmaths but it isnt as easy as it sounds. seriously. everytime i study chemistry i would replace it with either biology or sejarah. they are much more easier to understand. on the other hand, pn tang has been quite nice to us. she baked a moist chocolate cake that was mouth watery and undeniably delicious. i think it is better than secret recipe itself, which i often eat and no longer have passion of. thinking about it makes my tummy rumbles. nyummy.

enough about food, im trying to make changes to myself.

firstly i want to lose weight. ive been gaining too much weight that i look like a pig with big wobbly ass.

secondly i want to study smarter as some smart guy would say.

thirdly i wanna save the mother earth. ive been eating too many meat that it contributed to the emission of methane gas, ive been using too many papers that ive cut down quarter of the forest in Pahang and ive been using alot of electricity that requires the burning of natural gases. what have i done. *looking with despair. nvm, ill try to make myself a better person that can help save the greens and reduce the pollution problems.

forthly, i want to save money for my future. i have soo many plans that i am not willing to not have what i want and ever dream of.

fifthly, i want to have something. it will be soo weird saying it here. so, nvm.

so, ill update soon when i have something to share. toodles.

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