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Monday, June 1, 2009


the past few days had been a blast. i had stomach cramps for quite a few times for eating too much and so as cheek cramps for laughing a little bit too much.

we had a lot of adventures and one of them happened in slippery senoritas on Friday night. i want to tell mina and lina all about it before i spill it out here, so later.

ooohh the day before we watched sunset by the beach at a bistro called sunset. there were a number of hot guys drinking and shishaing that made me feel guilty watching them with my parents because they were undenyably sexy. oh the bod! but the hell, i have my sisters and cousin and it is uncontrolable and i blame the progesterone in me.

did i tell u about eating durian? omg they have this orchard where u can just sit there and eat. we managed to eat about four durians and keep one for later. they were fleshy and sweet and very nice.

i will update more once i have more to say. toodles.

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