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Monday, June 8, 2009


i should stop clinging to the past and start moving forward

i have often made decisions that were too incomprehensible, too much for my mental to handle having to regret making them later on. i do not understand why i cant just walk them over with. simply mould myself a new life.
there are many people that i think would have been best to let go, but here i am still reminiscing the past, deriving my regrets. i dont understand what really is that i want, this second i would want them to go away, the next i would want them to come back to live with me.
it is soo disturbing to see people moving on while im still on the verge of getting mental sickness thinking about this. when will i ever learn to let go? it has been soo hard for me to see people moving on while im still sloping towards sadness and depressions all the time, i need a head start. i need to move on.

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