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Sunday, June 28, 2009


im seriously irritated of young guys taking advantages on young girls. this really is a public realtion matter that makes me worried and annoyed.

why cant you see the lust raving inside the guy's eyes? love is indeed blind, but what you think you have is not love, matter of fact, you are blinded enough to see what really is happening. i dont get it when they walk around and boast about french kissing, fucking or what not. it is just friggin disgusting. geddit?? girls, we have standards, we have dignity that is much more expensive than gold itself. why cant you be ashamed of what you have been doing and turn around to manage a better more respected you?

it is true about the saying that we know best when we have experienced it, but this is seriously obvious to the nation's eyes, what are you blinded of? i dont get it.

on the other hand, guys nowadays watch too much porn that they get horny/kinky/lusty/stupid when it comes to dating. stupid guys dont see dating as knowing the partner, instead, as a material of expressing their need of getting steamy. why do you think guys want to watch movies instead of staying at a comfy cafe to converse with you? why do you think they wrap their fingers aroung yours when walking around girls instead of holding you tight? why do you think they love you more when you expose yourself more eventhough it makes you feel uncomfortable?

guys are great users. especially those who are still young, very young. who doesnt see things by the eagle's eyes and who doesnt think by the owl's wisdom. furthermore, girls nowadays should be more brainy and thoughtful. conclusion, the teenagers present today should be more socially educated, we are not US people!

at rondom, i think we are still young to be claiming that we are falling in love. we havent been through it all to really know what love is.

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