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Friday, July 31, 2009

sometimes its the other way around

my sister and i went walking just now, and we talked about something that really makes me wonder. it is about the law of attraction.

see her life has been really simple, she never dare to take chances. even if she likes someone, she will not tell. she will not make it obvious and leave us with any clue regarding it. its amazing how she can keep the feeling incapsulate deep inside, without anyone knowing. while in the end, she is the one who gets the boy. she never even take the initiative to get them, they are the one who always come chasing for her. i salute her for having that mutual attraction that very less people have.

i asked her about it, and she said it is very simple. you do not have to do anything, somehow if the feeling is there and real, then it will happen. the law of attraction will do its job and dear cupids will shoot their arrows right through the hearts and make every desire fulfilled.

so technically meaning that i hv to put on hold of myself and show no affection. if he is meant for me, he will be mine. maybe not today, but one day maybe he will.

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