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Friday, November 27, 2009

always on my mind

So my mom and I has been talking. We are quite fortunate to be able to live comfortably in a house with very much love and care. I didn't mean to boast, but its natural, I'm not talking about particularly money, I'm adversing more on the strong family bond we polish everyday with our very action. Honestly speaking, I'm happy that we are one, and certain occasions made me think about losing them. It would be hard, really hard I must say. I don't even know if I'm capable of living without them. They're like my air. Though I'm being really corny here, I just want my family to know how much they're appreciated by me and also for my fellow readers to take note of the importance of a family's relationship.
Quite random as it is, I grew up to witness my father bringing up the family, eventhough he fell a few times, he never with doubt stay there too long. He'll stood up and make us proud. Even now when we're standing stably, he stil gives us the best. Quite frankly, he cherish us with his worldwide knowledge about stuff that can make us really see what a life is beneath all the mankind who now and then surpress their time and diligencies to the political hypocrites. I'm keen about that the most because it made me wants to be like gandhi or maybe even sir luther king who are able to speak their mind despite the hierarchy plotting against them. Indeed I am fond of their courage, and even to my dad's who took as many challenges as he could to raise us all up in an upbringing community with much care.
Nevertheless for my mother who has been really loyal to my father and dedicated to us baby monsters. Yeah that is what I would call us siblings for wanting way too much. My mother has always pampered us with her affection and sometimes even brand new clothes. I know she has been working her ass up bringing us stubborn monsters. But rarely do I see her losing her temper, it must hv been the patience she has been practising all this while. She's a wonderful mother, always trying to fulfill our need.
I just love being taken care like how it is right now, we might have a few shortage here and there but moretheless, its the passion of a family that makes me see that I could never find a better family.

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