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Saturday, December 12, 2009


i've seen lives in jeopardy throughout my life. accident, robbery, suicide, sickness and so the list goes on. it is heartbreaking to know that a soul can be taken soo easily, a life can been seen in a pair of eyes and the next second it might be gone, taken away to a distance we dont know, an era of the hereafter soo strange to us human. the hereafter is a scary place, not something that i dare to imagine but definitely something that i have been reminding myself with.

i admit life has been challenging, there are obstacles to overcome. there are lust, anger, dream and accomplishment. not everything in life that we do is appealing, there are risks to take. what i witnessed in life is somehow amusing, i have seen my parents bringing up the family, my siblings adapting to the stages of life, my friends overcoming the big challenges and the people around me crypting success and failure. its empowering to say that life is amazing if you think of the both sides of it. sometimes you are clouded by darkness because of some random mistakes but never take it along with you. it is just something you have to be brave about, to stand up to and take smart steps forward. life is not about mourning and crying. life is about living for what we believe presently and futurely. so i believe.

i have met and lost many people along my journey in life, none that i have regretted. all very heart lightening. i believe in appreciation, so as i walk alongside the forsaken life, i took in people with care and cherishment. harted is a word rarely to use, because karma is arousing. for what i believe. it has been haunting my life with the same ecstatic sound of the jungle so rare and exotic.

so my life has been much of a journey, a walk through understanding life. i am scared of losing, very much that i put my family soo close to my heart alongside others who are important to me. so when you come into my life, you live nowhere but near to mt heart. no matter what, i never lie.

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