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Saturday, December 5, 2009

twin towers

so i watched this biography on tun mahathir this evening. i realized that our country is not that developed. i mean, when he was the prime minister, we can see the twin towers and putrajaya built. but now, what achievement has we accomplished? not to condemn but it just opened up my eyes that if we did not have mahathir, we would be left behind maybe worst than india. imagine our development would be really slow and we might not be known globally. like him, he had conferences with the leaders worldwide, he dare to speak up his mind. but what about now? do we still have it. i didnt mean to say something im not sure of, but i want to see development. better than what we have now. i mean, we have to be like the 1st world country, we can accomplish that, we just need to stand together.

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