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Saturday, January 1, 2011

today is the first day of 2011.
many things happened last year that brought upon changes to me. spiritually i've become stronger, emotionally i've become more mature. i'm a lady with wisdom, but not wise enough. soon i will be. there are many to be learned. last year, i achieved many things i never thought i could have. i worked for 3 months and gained experiences that are worth it all, i met people from all places that were generous and kind. this year, i went through weeks of courses and got myself a perfect driving license. it was worth the wait. in the middle of may i got into a matriculation programme in melacca, had a hard time adapting but it got better. i finished the first sem with a quite unexpected result that brought joy to my parents and family. i made friends that have become a part of me.
today is the first day of 2011.
when i should have not look back and regret. for tomorrow will be better than today. because the betterment of life comes from unrequitted experiences that teach us to be a better person.

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