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Saturday, April 26, 2008

how i visualize myself on the prom night

okay, it s like this, the night was beautiful. it was full moon n the light gaze its way along the night to greet the waves of people coming to the neat building of a hotel. dresses of multicolours, add up the cheerfulness of the already pretty night, my date n i, he was dressed in his perfectly fit tuxedo of full darkness of the colour black, his tight chest drape tightly in his silky white shirt, while me, im in my vera wang, bare back red silky dress with lace trimming above the cleavage. it was a dazzle, the dress n of earrings dangling about..okay, im sure my parents wont approve that, but i can always trick onto wearing smtg on the outside :P okay back to the musical night, the night was pretty along with soft songs of love n gratitude, it was held in open air overlook the wide lake that remain it stillness.. it was a pretty night, the stars were dancing n my favourite song came to live n we were at the dance stage gliding through the floor.. it was nice, to be held perfectly gentle.. n i hope my prom night will be as wonderful as this.. i want it to be special n to be there with that someone who i hope for

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