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Thursday, May 1, 2008


today i spent the day with nur amina malisa, my bestest bestfriend..

i arrived at abt 1 smtg if im not mistaken, n we talked.. it felt nice to get to talk to her again, like really talk, u know like when u talk abt whats been happening lately n abt how fat ive been.. hahahaa yeah. thats what i meant.. i told her abt 'the guy' n she understood how i felt, of how i really like him n want him but cannot get him.. well anyway, while we were talking, we took pictures, some r funny one but hell, we had fun n what else mattered.. hahaha okay, then we went to kmk to buy my prepaid, n as we were walking, we sang take u there by sean kingston n hate that i love u.. n that rihanna song reminds me soo much abt my heart, dammit.. okay, i must tell u this, mina is very lousy when it comes to crossing the road, this is serious no kidding.. die melintas mcm ayam :P hahahahahahah okay anyway, just make sure u hold her hand if u by any chance get to melintas with her.. hahahaha n then, we bought the prepaid along with some drinks, sour power, n the strawberry sticks which i forget the name. sorry, well then, when we got back, we bake.. hahahaha act mina did.. i was just helping with the 'kacauing' n spreading the choc, but what can i say, i helped.. n we left it in the fridge to sejuk a bit.. then we went to minas room, talking abt nonsense n put on a belt on our shirts, we look silly but fun, yeah, fun.. i love her, n she s always the best apart from lina.. they both r.. im lucky to hv them.. ooooh, back to it, i wrote smtg in her notebook, smtg like my wish n hope for her.. i was sad, to see another part of me going to go smwhere jauh where i cant talk to her on msn, oh n yeah msn is the place where we always chat since we r like far from each other dah... so yeah, im losing another bestfriend.. this makes me sad.. okay so, i hv some pics i think u might like, so here goes

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