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Friday, May 2, 2008

me as a guy

i went to the playground with my sis just now n a thought pop out of my mind that makes me thinks of what i shall b if i am a guy. well here r some things that i came out with:

okay firstly, i wanna b good looking, like really handsome that can attract ladies even from 5km away. hair long but not soo long, fair, pretty skin, okay i might not want to use the word pretty, lets put it in other word like mayb soft n that sounds girlish tooo, lets just say i want my skin to b clean, really clean.. i wanna make sure im tall too hahahahaha i also wanna wear cool clothes like skinny jeans along with tight shirt, oooh breath taking :P n then i wanna play a musical instrument that can make ladies fall down on their knees like the piano. omg, i will be amazingly hot ooowww n then if i hv a girlfriend, i wanna make sure she is the one who my heart says can make my life whole n my heart complete. i wanna make her feel worthwhile with every second on which she belongs to me. i wanna treat her well, really well, i wanna do unexpected things to her, i wanna make surprises to her, i wanna make sure that her smile remains where it suppose to be, n i would nvr cheat on her n let her down, i wanna b smtg she can b proud of, i wanna b someone she'll give her heart wholly to. i wanna be that kind of guy, who nvr let her down evnthough his sun is loses its heat, i wanna make it nice to her n everyone around her.

oooh im imagining how i will look if im a guy, wow imagine me! hahahahahhaha lets tgther we close our eyes n imagine how i may look like :P anyway, these r the things where i thought i'll b if i am a guy, at least of what i want to be if i am a guy.. weeeeeeeeee

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