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Saturday, May 3, 2008

today, 3rd may

today i went to a wedding ceremony, n this is how it went on :

i woke up around 10 smtg since my mom was shouting out my name from downstairs, n i replied n started snoring again. haahahahaahha but i woke up around 11 smtg cos dania bising suruh i bangun n claimed that we r already late, what the hell, not like i want to b there.. so bgn2, i went to the kitchen to look for food, n i ate 2 kuih bakar which i panas kan in the oven, then i mandi n cari baju kurung, but mine is common, so i tried k alia's n it was big n i end up wearing a kebaya top with jeans.. n guess what, when i went down, they were waitng for me! hahhahaahahaha however, i went in abg's car with k maryam n k alia.. we went to a saloon somewhere in cheras to do our hair while abg went to his house to change, the hairdresser who did my hair was soo friendly, n by that i mean chatty.. hahaha she talked alot, but i do like the way she wash my hair n massage me. it was nice :P at the end, k maryam's hair was like a Japanese demure lady, k alia's was springy, which was soooo nice, n mine is common, straight which i dont really like. okay then, we went to that place smwhere in keramat permai if im not mistaken.. it was held in a dewan n there was alot of people, n i mean like really a lot.. we ate, n it was nice. we didnt get to see the pengantin on the pelamin since we were late. we met acad, camey n pole there along with the parents n my grandma. i missed her, i havent seen her for soo long oh. so after a few small chat, we went to my granny's n that means me, parents, matyn n grandma n the old people. k maryam, k alia n abg went somewhere n i was in no interest to follow bcos i thought we r going home soon cos i need to study n camey, pole and acad went to pavillion n as i said, i wanted to go home to study.. but my parents insisted to go to my granny's. n that was how i stuck there with the elderlys. hhahahha anyway, i found a cousin who is in standard 3 to teman me watch tv upstairs, n we watched duke of hazzard, it was nice, funny n cute. well, thats how i describe things, so mind me. hahahaha then my mom said that she wanted to go to the dance at night, n that made me speechlessly angry n i asked my dad but he said we have to go, let my mom enjoy the night. so we went to the dewan again. n it was not really full, so i called camey n she picked me up to go watch man u against west ham at somewhere in ampang. acad, pole n toyik were already there, n i ordered mango juice which was amazingly pure n sweet n nice. hahaha but then, when the game was over we went back to the dance. n it was full of people of all stage of life. the band was loud n people were dancing on the floor with some kind of unknown old malay song. so me n camey obtained our nerves from the lightless dewan, we danced of silly moves n cute old steps which her mom taught. my parents danced n they were damn cute. a hindi song came to live, n my dad just swayed my mom to him n held her close, omg, it was freaking romantic, but too bad me n camey didnt sway, but we did dance well, hahaahaha if that is the best word to describe, i think i was silly, but hell, who cares :P okay then, we danced till we sore our feet which was at abt 11 smtg. we went home after that, on the way home we listened to some cute songs like sean kingston- take u there, rihanna- hate that i love you, colbie- bubbly. my dad likes bubbly bcos he thinks she is laid back by the way she sang and all. wtv, so then we arrived home, n here i am, infront of this laptop writing a blog and obviously after taking a shower. im clean okay :D

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