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Saturday, May 17, 2008


here it goes, of what i really feel inside, of what i really wanna tell.

for the very first time i set my eyes on u, i was determined to hv u, even when i nvr know u, it is u who i want, more than anythng. u r different, i always feel like u'r hiding smtg behind the veil of ur pretty mask of which makes me want to go through it n know u more. yeah, i nvr actually tell anyone this, of how i really want to get to know u, to shield the mask and dive into ur thoughts. i wish u know. i wish u will feel as i do. mina even said that if u dream of that particular someone, its a sign, i dreamt of u, twice, n i wonder if its a sign or just a dream. i want it to be beyong the impossibilities of life. i want u and thats all, period

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