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Saturday, May 17, 2008

know me, understand me

my eyes sore, i wanna let it all out, so people, understand me, know my needs.

drenching thirst of ur affection,suffering as it commits a life of a loner. wanting the sky to open up, but failed, wait, wait, wait for the vary sky to be temperate. incompletion of my life, a hole in the very deep end which been longing to hold yours. dreamsdreamsdreams, if only i can read your mind and know what u'r thinking. im dehydrated for you. what shall i do, what can i say, to make myself complete? do u know what i may need? when u arrive, thats when u dip my future with fresh dew, of angel tears and pixie love. the eye of heaven shines and that is when i believe in tomorrow. where a new day arose and brighten up the day. with you beside me, hand in hand, leaving the hectic world n live a life where there is just the two of us.

that's what i want, my need n i choose who he is. maturity.

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