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Friday, May 30, 2008


holiday so far is quite awesome. i spent days in malls n nights lepaking.. hahahahah yeah i know, teruk. but its quite fun since zarif n oyen are here n we always go tgther with my sis. its fun to be out once in awhile, away from studies and school. the pressure in me seems to lose, and i can feel myself alive :P anyway, i love shisha n i adore it. friday, starting of the holiday, k mrym took me and k alia for shisha smwhere in damansara perdana, i think. buut the shisha wasnt soo good, it got us coughing n caused 'sakit dada'. but anyway, i had my shisha for that particular day, so im relieved. then, that day we went to uncle don, the shisha was quite good but too strong. then the next day we went to idaman n the shisha was awesome. we tried strawberry and cocktail, they created 3 layers in my mind, i was highhh.. duuhh.. so then just now we went to damai, n the shisha was amazingly awesome, it was smooth yet nice, omg im in love with it. it was lemon mint, it tasted soo good that i didnt want to let go.. hahahhah so i had alot of shisha this week, nn i can tell that its not soo good for my lungs, but since its the only thing that can makes me happy, what the hell.. so overall, we went to klcc, sg wang, times square, ou, sunway lagoon and we even went to mandi sungai at smwhere near templer park, it was good.. i had fun, i mean real fun and here r some pics

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