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Thursday, June 5, 2008


im kindda done with the sad stuff, why not move on n turn to a new leaf n think positively? thats what im trying to do now, so hold ur hands tgther peeps, wish me luck

okayokay, now i am nur like the nur with the apostrophe, the nur okay. i have dreams that i hv to achieve n i hv things that i hv to learn, so theres actually alot to be done here people.hahahaha im cool, we'r cool, i just feel like writing when i dont actually hv anythng in my mind, i wanted to study, but im too tired to do so. im happy today, i got to see aiman n betik, i got to talk to syafiq n i got to see seth.. i miss them.. hahahah emoooooooo, so anyway, im tired, going now, daaaaa

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