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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


11 june, a day of honour n glory for me. well i think it is.

theres no cake, no song, nothing, this is sad, i suppose. i feel alone, yet i hv wonderful people around me. my birthday, what so special abt it? normal common day. yet common is too good to be described as. k mrym promised a party n i doubt its ever gonna happen, shes always soo full of promises. well keep it if u nvr meant it. i dunno what to expect in this life, i know i shouldnt but im just full of hopes n i tend to break my heart in the end. mayb being a heartless, mindless person will do it. nurnurnur, i wonder if its really me. soo full of harted n regrets. whatever. i dont wanna feel n inherit whatever it is that people feels. common, not special yeah what ever the fuck!


Anonymous said...

hepi belated birthday. . .anyway?
how old are u

alia said...

ure mean enough by sayin those kinda thing kt k.mrym.jahat gler