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Monday, June 16, 2008


14th june, it all happens. my i6th big bash. oooohh many people came, nazar, haziq, samir, emir, don, aizat, herri, hariz, syed, dean, and many moree. even syafiq turn up. i was glad, to the max. all these while i've been thinking that no one will come was actually quite the opposite. haahaha ooohhh my friends from old school didnt come. yeah, that sucks. but the poeple who came was awesome. i love them big time. awww, we had a cake fight, it was fun, really fun. i even put cake on abg's face, syafiq's, samir's, aizat's, don's, ariff's n many more. it was cool. i was happy kot! the cake was nice, it was white chocolate macadamia nut i think, my fav! i cooked fries n nugget! i was good :P hahahahh tht day was heaven like, i had a true fun, i was glad. many things occured, samir played the guitar for me, it was extremely nice. ooohh, im glad of what happend that day. thanx people for coming! more story contact me :D i'll give u more delicious feedback!

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