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Saturday, June 28, 2008

a long day

i woke up at 6.48 n cannot sleep ever since. sent zarif at uitm shah alam. it was humongous. we traveled all the way through campus by bus. it was cool. then we ate at a place called ayam kampung. it was nice n i ate alot. i think it was due to my extreme-hunger. then we went back to bandar utama. me, oyen, zarif, dania, k alia n mimi kal went to ou. mimi kal needs to find a few scarf, zarif needs to buy his headphone n oyen was looking for a watch. ou was boring n my feet hurts terribly. i gotta get rid of the shoes soon, but i love it. baba bought it for me. i dont wanna let it go, but with my over sensitive feet, what can i do? anyway, after that baba sent us to lrt kelana jaya. there we bid goodbye, hughug, kisskiss zarif. it was a sad moment, but cool since he will be living a life in campus. i cant wait for my time to come. first thing first i bought plasters for my feet, then we spent the next 5 minutes in the toilet. k alia n oyen got some stuff to eliminate. later, we got onto the lrt and trust me it took us soo long to finally reach klcc. it was tiring and sleepy to have to wait. when we have reached our destination, we went to zara, topshop n mng first thing. but too bad there wasnt anything that caught my eyes. there were many people, crowded. we oyen found a watch, g shock. i bought a panties n k alia bought 2 panties. we ate pizza hut later on. one was tomyam seafood crusty crust n one was super supreme (if i am not mistaken) stuffed crust. i ate alot! and i am fat now, see it for yourself. okay then we went back with abg aliff. the drive home was okay, but tiring. dania was as annoying as ever, singing songs out loud. we did not go home just yet. we went to rasta with abg n k mrym. they ate but not me. i had my shisha. after a few puff, i felt nausea. then i stopped drinking and shisha-ing. i felt sick still, n tired. when we got home, i had my shower, washed my hair and went to the playground since the others were there. i did not feel like talking there n after awhile, i walked home alone. and here i am now, writing the blog that have not been touched since ages.

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