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Friday, July 25, 2008


it has been soo long since i last update this creppycool blog. i kindda miss it. many things happened last few days. dramatic yet fun. oh i went to naomi's birthday party at redbox curve, 18th. it was fun. i felt free and closer to my friends. it was good. anyway, today is emir's birthday. i made him a card, some sandwiches and a happy day. hahahah the last part i doubt it. i nvr make anyone happy, duhh. emir, wishing u all the best in life regarding ur studies and love life. okay back to business, u wanna talk? then lets talk.

my studies are at stable par now. i actually study everyday, i wanna make my parents proud more than anythng, despite all the bad things i did, i think they deserve something good rather than some pricey stuff.
life in school is as boring as ever. sometimes wonder whats the purpose of going to school when u know its a waste of time. anyway, at this moment i prefer school than home. yikes!
and everyday life nvr change. i still wake up at 6.45, go to school, come back home and do the chores. u mean 'the chores'? sometimes i feel bad for complaining. i wanna help more than anythng. but at certain par, i feel like over load. tired n restless. and that is unacceptable. simply unacceptable.
ooohhh lets talk about friends =)
nazar- he s being good as ever evnthough at times he gets soo emo. but still, he s the freaking best!
haziq- prnh ke haziq x nice? he s always is.
waira- jatuh longkang! hahahahahah but still lah, i love you baybeh!
nadia- nk mandikan mayat? nyum! hahahahhaah u'r cool, we'r cool babe
samir- still loser and i still like talking to u =)
emir - okay laa fine, handsome lah sikit. okay x? finefine, handsome bnyk
herri- i like ur hair lah herri!
don - n i like ur hair toooo. awesome!
naomi- cutie sweetie charmiee, loviee. she s evrythng as above and positively unstated.

my dear lina and mina, i miss you guys badly. i mean real bad. like my arteries burst and my ovary pecah. without u guys im incomplete. trust me, u guys r the only person who can make me whole. like a piece. a cool piece. and i need u guys in my life right now. it s soo hard to know that u guys r jauh. i dunno how my feelings r to b described in words. i wanted to say more but dunno how to say it. its indescribable. i love you guys.

my work here is finally done, i wanna chat with lina jap. bye.

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