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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

july 30

*today is samir's birthday. i brought him brownies with 7 small candles n 1 big candle at 11 smtg. i wanted to give it to him at 12 but k mrym said that it will be too late. he wished n blew the candle. it was fun. he's been nice to me n im glad he's always around for me to lean on. n i hope he'll stay forever.
*school was the same. boring n tiring. 2 periods of bio n 2 periods of addmaths. dammit.
*went to naomi's place to baca yaasin. ustazah was there with some of the students from school including nazar, mahira, fairuz, riri, don, herri, emir, amir and samir. yeah, it was fun socializing. oh n the most important part is that atir (im not sure abt the spelling) naomis baby brother. he's freaking cute. omg! i want him, he s soo cute. he and maytn will make good friends. he likes dinosaurs too. ooohhh. cutecutecute
to sum it up, today is tiring n im wondering why im still up at this time. i wanna head to bed. not going to school tmrw since they hv hari koko thing. yeay!

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