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Thursday, July 31, 2008

sunny day

i didnt go to school today.
i woke up at 10 smtg, panaskan the brownies samir gave n put some nutella on it. and enjoy it with matyn. good start for a day. then i watched how she moved. it was cool. but the dance step was quite weird, more thumping less gracely. about the ghetto part of america that sort of stuff. i always adore how they are, their ability to stand up for themselves, their courage of doing what they want to do n how their social life is. its cool.
then i helped mimi masak. sort of. i did masak nasi. hah! first-awesome time. it wasnt soo hard. just wash n put some water n press the button. it was easy, i wonder why i nvr tried it before. then i ate biscuit with curry. it was terrific.
i went upstairs later n read darren shan. i found the story quite impossible and untrue but thoroughly fun. how can u blooded a person by cutting the tips of ur finger n combining them with the other's. isnt it like fatal since it leads bacteria to ur cappilaries. and plus, by the story, vampires r ugly n stink. i dont like the idea of that since i was thinking of being one. i know impossible dream. well anyway, vampires r suppose to be hot n sexy n beautiful based on the books i read n what i believe. i hate to think that most vampire r guys n ugly n stink.
as i was reading i fell asleep n that was about 2 smtg. n woke up at 5 i think. well im not getting better in trackking the time. bah! i was sweating like hell when i woke up, it was hot n sticky. then i watched kyle xy in mimi's room where i drew in the curtains, avoiding myself to be exposed to the bad sunlight. kyle was charming n handsome in quite cool ways that makes me attracted to him. i remembered how i use to tell ruffey how handsome kyle is n how i wanted him n ruffey would say amanda is hot and i want him. i miss ruffey greatly. i wish i can turn back time n take back what i said. impossible i know.
at 7 i went down n helped mimi lipat baju. it was boring but nice. when baba came back we ate. fish curry, some vegs with mushroom n fried fish. it was delicious n mouth watering. now im hungry again!
later i went upstairs to study sejarah. i did some exercise on chapter 4. it was okay laa n i hope i can perform well for the upcoming test. i really hope i can. i've been putting alot of sweats for it.
and here i am now. ntg more to say.

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