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Friday, December 19, 2008

hey this is for you

i cannot do anything apart from wait and pray that u will forgive me. i didnt mean what i said and you ought to know that you're nice, smart and very dependable. you have been my bestfriend, the very bestbestfriend. and i mean it. im saying this because i mean it. having you around has make me happy. i wanna keep it forever but i've said things that hurt you and now i don't know how to take it back, i wish i have the power to turn back the hands of time but its just too impossible. there are many things i wish i could do, i wish i could fly so i can beg on my knees for you to forgive me, i wish i can bake so i can let u enjoy the sensation of it and forgive me, i wish i can drive so i can ring your door bell and make you see me apologizing, but mostly i wish that you wouldn't leave me. i miss you already. im not just saying it, i mean it.

for what we had from the past, the memories, the presence of you, the friendship we had, i wanna let it live forever. i wanna have you around forever. i wanna let it leave up until our anak cucu. i wanna have you back.

with loves to nur amina malisa.

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