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Sunday, March 29, 2009

'in order to to enjoy something, you have to be a part of it'
that statement is true, and i enjoyed HARI SUKAN very much though it cost me my time and sweat. It actually feels worth it, everything is. All the hard work and determination lead to a memorable ending. But of course with the lead of Li Qi and Choong Yean who never fail to entertain us with fresh ideas and positive encouragement. They are great people who always hope for the best of everyone. It was a good opportunity for me as well as the others. And for everything, i thank the awesome leader for the unrequited hope he has given and the pleasurable hard works. Even for everyone else who has managed team work for making hari sukan one of the glorious day at school.
Oh, we won first place for formation kawad kaki =D and third place for overall. It was good enough since all the other houses were competitive.
Thoroughly i enjoyed hari sukan very much and it will be in my memory for always.

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