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Sunday, April 5, 2009

prior honesty

some people say they do not judge people by the way they look. but is it really true? they act oppositely despite their innocent words. what is true and what is not? you tell me

why are people being soo judgemental for the colour of the skin, the group they hang out with, the class they think will be in forever? give me one good reason where i can set this problem at rest.

some people might not know, beneath the face there is a heart. every heart is different with compact feelings. you are missing something if you are judging people for the sake of the external, you get your head in this case and think about it thoroughly.

if you are being arrogantly judgemental, i advise you to put it aside. cant you see what you are missing? you are setting yourself to a limit of wasteness. you can get to know people and why throw it away? dont you think you are being shallow?

enough said.

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