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Sunday, May 24, 2009


im intense, raging with anger. some people are soo absurd that they only think about themselves. fucking heartless selfish dickhead with fucking mindless attitude. i think im getting my period, that is why i cannot control my temper. i have had a very tiring day staying at my granny's the whole hot-sweaty afternoon after a 3 hours tuition which freaking started at 9 and i had to wake up at 7. i can still bear with that, then i came home and went to ou with my sister and cousin. i can still hold it. then went to mutiara damansara for a drink at a restaurant called smtg papa. i had abc which i thought would make me soo much better, but guess what?? it didnt and it taste nothing like the real abc. screw the modern world, i want originalities. im mad, to everyone. especially the stupid people who are not aware of the critical condition of the world. fucking stupid people who think no better than to cause global warming, have some sense you fucking 'jahil' people, be aware of what is fucking happening and stop the fucking 'im soo rich and i dont care' attitude. you fucking stupid people with mind as shallow as the milo ice. im hating the freaking mindless humanity right now, fuck you. go screw yourself with a fucking blunt pencil. augh, to make matter worst, my freaking adik was being an asshole. and i dont want to talk about it cos it wouldnt be nice to talk about your siblings here, but i soo wanna talk about it because i am very furious, and i can feel the heat of anger rising through me. i feel like exploding and making everyone cry. i feel like slapping everyone and punch them in the face. im angry.

can u feel the heat?

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