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Monday, May 25, 2009


i had a good day writing essays today. it was tantalizing and productive in every way that i feel that i have let out all my anger, resentment and misjudgments. it was good, it felt good.

anyway, enough with my essays writing, lets talk about the mere attitudes of teenagers.

we teenagers are very difficult to cope and deal with, having a very hard and irresolute behavior, people have hard times trying to understand us. we are a group of people who has just born to the world where fashion, money and body features play big roles. it is indefinite and will keep on happening until we ourselves realize and become aware of what we are getting ourselves into.
the behaviors of some teens who are easily corrupted with new cultures like punks, hip hops, gangsters and even cliques however make me aware that we teens are immature. we are easily influenced to what we think is fun, nice and cool. i am not being judgmental about your decisions, but i think every each person has their own capability to show who they are by their clothings. why do you have to hide yourself beneath the overloading make ups, way too high heels and over-exposing clothes. stop torturing yourself with false identities, show who you really are, wake up and try dressing up to what really represents your true self. on the other hand, we teens think that we can get attentions from that. remember that only stupid and immature guys who wants to take advantage on you would approach you. we teens need real guys to take good care of us. not some junkies who does not know how to take care of himself. we are teens and we have high dignities. never lose it to what you think is real, definite and conscious thinkings are very important to balance up your inner self. be aware of your decisions because one wrong decision can affect your life thoroughly. but even so, get a grip of yourself and move on. you have a long way to go.

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