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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


"there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so"

i can see how true this saying is by Shakespeare. our thoughts on things, occasions or people are controlled by the mind. the mind where we have set on things of how they should be. we are easily directed to think before knowing what is beneath, we are set to be peer prejudice by our mind set self. we are blinded from the truth itself by our mind.

i say we see beyong the horizon of the mind and make our deals with people a better one. who said that going out at night is bad? who said that getting too many piercing will make you a wild person? who said that clubbings will corrupt your mind? who said that girls who wear high heels are slut? who said being popular is beautiful? who said gays are absurd? who said you cannot eat because you have to be like that person on the billboard? this is exactly what it is, the beauty being hidden by cryptic mentality that we have practised.
put aside the poor shallow judgements and start to get to know that person, even yourself. life is more than just judging itself. you never know how much you are losing from being so judgemental, so lets go against nature and derive ourselves towards a better view.

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