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Sunday, May 10, 2009

especially for LINA


hey dear, ive smsed you using my sister's number but im not sure whether you got it or not. so here i am, blogging about my ever so awesome drama queen.

lemme see, i have gotten close to you since standard 6. ever since, you have been a wonderful friend of pure fresh nature that even the fierest cat would want to be tamed for you.
i always adore your simplicity in judgement, of how you can get along with people soo well. while i am on the other hand the total oposite of what you are. i respect you for that, for your ability to see better views of life, for making it better to yourself everytime. i have strong beliefs in you and i am positively sure you will make it to the peak of success. i have faith in you and so as the others.
thank you for moulding me into a better person, you make me feel better just by lending your ears and concern eyes. i appreciate having you in every way and i hope that our friendship will last until anak cucu.
love you lima, for today, tomorrow and hereafter.

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