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Friday, May 8, 2009

they brought crayons and smiles to your life

friends, that is what they are. many people think that friends are a group of people that has once walked into their life and left footprints. to me, friends are our companion throughout the deceptive life, they make you want to come to school, they make you laugh at silly-offensive jokes, they lend ears for our ongoing problems, they share their food when our tummy is rumbling, they give you a ride to make sure you are safe, they save a seat for you in the school bus, they tell you everything because they know secrets will hurt you. friends are truly pure, heaven sent.

so far i have been a bad friend for not keeping contact with my friends like i used to. i take it that im not a good one, but them, they deserve every bit of my appreciation. they are friends that you would not want to trade for a mansion and a ferrari. they are friends. real friends. and i apologize for my selfishness for you guys deserve much more embracement and acknowledgement from me.
and it is very important that you guys know that i love you guys and i appreciate the good times we had together. memories that i would not want to erase. those times, let them be treasured and remembered.

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friends for who they were, are and going to be,

i love you very much the same.

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