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Friday, May 8, 2009


'life is but a walking shadow that struts and frets its way upon the stage'
i have always liked this line. it is true for we are living with a stranger's face plastered upon us despite of what we really have inside. we have given it too much nobility that we have mistaken our imaginary self with our real self. we are made to be what we are, i mean, what we really are. of course we have needs in life, but that needs does not come with hypocrisy, there are too many things in life for us to tenderise and generalize rather than manipulating it all together. we are civilised human, we have brain that even science itself cannot completely explain the development of this wonder and its function. god made us for reasons, and being someone you are not is not one of them. there are alot of unexplained things in our life, we just have to open up our eyes and realize the nature of ourself, the beauty of it. then only we can learn to love ourself and from there, other people will learn to appreciate us.

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