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Thursday, May 7, 2009

history is repeating itself

in the vast modernization of the country, people are likely to forget about the past, of what our great grandparent had to go through. the history had taught us about people who lived before, their hopes, their dreams, their successes and their failures. we are also taught that the human race had been at war with one another since time immemorial. however, despite the prolonged education we had face, we are still misleading towards destruction. we seldom learn our lessons from the misdeeds of the past. we are human that has enormous credibility to make world a better place for every each life. now we are facing with the immaturity of the politicians, causing havoc here and there, bringing along negative impacts towards the nation. remember how it was once ago, where the nations bestow upon their great leader faithfully without any regret and doubts. where is that faithfulness we used to have? why are we condemning them for our selfishness. are we ever going to wake up from this dreadful nightmare? i wish i can, but everytime i watch the tv or even read the newspaper, i see this. problems problems. if we foresee this clearly, it is similar to what we used to face. it is true of what they say, with this kind of attitude we, are reasonings for 'history to repeat itself'. and if it is to happen, we have not anyone to point to but ourself for our silly condemnation towards our own monarch.

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