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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

make the world a better place

we are born with the ability to lust for people, things, fames, foods.

here we are, born with complete need. pretty clothes to wear, mouth watering food to eat, comfortable car as a transportation. sometimes we even have extra cash to buy ourselves the unnecessaries. here in Malaysia, we are blessed with enough feast to make us drown in our world, to forget about the others who are facing poverty, those who die everyday because of hunger, that wear the same clothes everyday since they were little. i am sure we are aware of the problem that our neighbouring country of India, Zimbabwe, Palestine and even Africa are facing. we as the nation who care, have to open our eyes and ears on this case. we have to help as much as we can to make their lives better, at least enough food for them to survive, to see a chance of living.

we claim ourselves to be the nation of the world, claiming that we stand hand in hand,

so lets show our humanity concern to arouse people to help the unfortunates, show them that we care. we are civilised nation, we see life in good views. we cannot just stand here and condemn, we have to walk the talk. we have to bring about the possibilities of a better world for our needy friends.

i care, and i am sure you are too. so why not we change what we are now, help the poors, make ourselves a better nation, citizen of the world.

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