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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


something happened after shower this afternoon, blood oozing out of a small hole for my new piercing. im not talking about a drop or two, im talking about more, like a cut through the artery. but scientifically, there is no artery or vein at the soft cartilage of the ears. there was a moment of adrenaline rush through me causing frantic ventilation, forcing myself to calm. i washed the blood off my body, using tissues to cover the source of wastage of blood, but still they are incapable to bear with the overflowing blood. thus, i stayed under the shower, looking at the red stained water flowing intentuosly into the drained hole. still it will not stop coming out. anger, fear and death cause me to take the last action. i used a tshirt to cover the bloody hole, until it is good enough to be not blood bloody. yes, at last it stopped. it was a moment of which i thought about death itself being faced infront of me for piercing. it is inlogical, but at that particular situation, i foresee the possibilities if the blood flow did not stop, i could have died.
conclusion, death is anywhere, you are just unaware of the presence of it.

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