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Saturday, June 6, 2009

i think it is sad being lonely. especially when you could not sleep at night to know that nobody will call you, when you wake up late to know that nobody is expecting you, when you do not topup for a month to know that you will call nobody but your parents, when you go to the mall to know that nobody will hold your hand, when you watch a movie to know that the next seat is empty, when you online to know that nobody greets you, when you eat to know that nobody is watching and condemn about your enthusiasm of eating.
i just think it is sad, for no reason you are to wake up to face the day knowing that you will not see anyone with a happy grin plastered for the whole day.

no wait! this is not sad, this is freedom. you get to see and flirt with all the hot hunks you want, you get to play around with them without having to feel that you have someone else back home, this is independent. you are single and soo ready to mingle, screw what people has to say, this is your friggin life, enjoy it to the fullest. serve your lust in a lunch tray and add up a bit of cherry sauce on top of it along with a tall glass of frosty lemon martini, enjoy it. you deserve every bit of the pleasure.
you are more than what you are to men, sometimes you even treat yourself better than men. you understand yourself better than men. but i do admit that at times men come to our need, for what reason i just do not know, sometimes you can crave for men like you have been craving for a chocolate, maybe even better. somehow, you know what and who you are. so, you know best about what you need in the happiness of your rigid life.

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