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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

there is an end in every life

sometimes i wonder why we are born in this world only to suffer from the obstacles of life and the sorrows of every each feelings. i am sure God has his own agenda in creating our soul and body into this world, but it makes me wonder at times. i admit there are good memories to be captivated, sometimes a little too indulging that i do not want it to be over. these mutual feelings are at times too good that you want to capsulate every second of it and sometimes too disturbing that you want it to end right at the moment itself. somehow, we are build up with courage and trust to ourself that anyhow things turn up, we are not scared to face them. we are entourage to ourself, we are the heroic model. we may not see the beauty of our every actions but those around us do. we are not the least aware, but at least we know. eventhough so, in everyone's eyes, we are different. we have our own credibility, attraction that makes us presentable despite the consequences. all am i to say is, every person have their own ability and specialities to attract even the most unaware person on earth. we human are unpredictable, we tend to have less but still have the overbearing attraction because all that matters are confidence and self-respect. so we have to appreciate this and make ourself whole. look upon the elders for they are wiser than knowledge itself and give others respect because we are mankind with high dignity, we acknowledge each other with respect and appraise. love every each one like they are the last person you are seeing, let them know what you think of them before it is too late to cry over a spilled milk.

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