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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

im suffocating

the air is killing me.
i can feel the corroding chemicals clogged in my brain, all again giving me headache. this pollution can be fatal, really. i don't think i can live with it for the next 40 years. anyway i noticed that the morning air is no longer misty and nice, now it is hazy and certainly disturbing. this is disappointing with the h1n1 rising, pollution is not going to make living any easier.
we are all aware of the critical condition of the world. there are holes on the ozone layer, there are oil spillage in the magnificently drawn ocean, there are chemicals in the air we are breathing in. why can't us mankind who are given wonderful god gifted brain make world a better place? i believe that by scientific measure, we can change all this. we can find other alternatives, it is never too late to make things better.

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Nur Syuhada said...

i'm with you on this!