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Saturday, October 17, 2009


have you ever come to a time where you think about your future?

well i did, quite a lot of time. but this particular conversation with my brother in law really got me thinking.

its true that life is full of surprises. we cant predict what will happen next, but we can plan. how we turn out by the end of the day is totally up to us, thats why we are blessed with brain. by planning, we have determined our road, to where we want ourself to be either by parents recommendation or our interest itself.

likewise, my mother wanted me to do medic but as everyone knows, it isnt easy and it requires a lot of concentration and most of my life. at first yes it was my interest but i kind of drifted to something not as difficult as medic but pretty interesting to me. that is political science. my dad did his master on it and he has tons of books about politics of the us, malaysia. i wasnt very keen to read all his book but at times i did because they look plainly cool. i didnt understand the terms they use, i admit. if u read them you have to refer to many other books to get the mutual understanding. if not you will be lost in between the words. nvm that. so i did alot of talking with my dad of what i wanna do next after spm. he gave me alot of ideas which i think are smart and can make you more knowledgeable. i mean to prepare yourself to the next level.

back to the main thing, about political science, i will learn about the politics about other countries and malaysia itself. politics matter in this country really got to my attention, especially with this indonesia thing going on. i have the feelings that someday i can make it better, for the future of course. maybe like mahathir perhaps? =P he is such an inspiration, i adore him. i love his courage of standing up to bush, badawi and all the other non-realist. i want to be like him, to have people looking up to me and adore me for what i did to the country just like what im doing right now.

so there it was what i want to do next, i just feel confident to be it, to be someone =D

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